Wildman Kickstarter Request

Following the news that Gas Powered Games are having to lay off staff, studio head Chris Taylor has asked for support for the studio and their Wildman Kickstarter, which has 24 days to go to reach its goal of $1,100,000.  Update #3 contains a video message from Chris Taylor himself, asking whether fans want the campaign to continue or not..

Wildman - concept art

Wildman is an ‘evolutionary’ action RPG, set in prehistoric times and focusing on man’s emergence into the world.  The game is to be a mix of War Zone battles, where you control a single hero and his army, fighting opposing enemies, upgrading our technology, building defenses and so on, interspersed with role-playing adventures across fantastic environments and ancient dungeons.

If there is enough support, the studio aim to rehire their staff, as well as continuing development of this game.

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