Why I canned my Aion sub..

Well.. I tried to get in Aion tonight and there it was.. a 40 minute queue.
Last time I tried to play the thing was so laggy I couldn’t even turn my character on the spot without grinding my teeth..

I’d seen an “open letter” from one of NCSoft’s execs a couple of days back – reported here on Eurogamer, and wasn’t too impressed (but still willing to give the game a go, should it actually work for the rest of the free (included in game purchase) play time.

What their exec, Lance Stites said was pretty much this: there’ll be no waiving of sub fees, even temporarily, for those players who haven’t been able to get on –

Err.. if you’ve paid for a service, and haven’t got it, the least they should do is offer you some free time.. I’d have expected the second month to be free considering the mess…
But no.  Their “solution” appears to be that next month, there’ll be an opportunity for a free, one-time character transfer.. pay for another month’s sub despite not getting much service so far, and move your character to another server where hopefully, it won’t be so busy..

Aion looked beautiful, and the tiny taste of flight I had was awesome – but I’m not paying for something I’m not getting.  Sub cancelled.. and from the comments I’ve seen elsewhere, I’m not the only one.

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