Welcome To Jason!

It’s time to officially introduce our newest contributor to May Contain Spoilers!  Heeeeeere’s Jason!

Ahoy hoy, I’m Jason, and I’ve probably got the most varied history of the MCS team in terms of videogames.  I’ve owned most of the consoles growing up, and the few I didn’t own (Dreamcast, Sega Saturn) I’ve still been fortunate enough to play on.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a massive gaming addict.  While other kids were outside playing in the sun, I was tucked away in our shed at the bottom of my parents’ garden playing games in our own little cobbled together games room (complete with spiders, for that authentic shed feeling!)

As I got older that never really changed, I just transitioned to the N64 and PS1, moved out of the shed and into the house, and at this time also started PC gaming.  Nowadays I’m primarily a PC gamer, but I do own a Wii-U and PS4, and I’m not afraid to try games on different platforms.

I think it’s safe to say I’m our resident MMO expert with more time spent on those games than the others put together, with some serious play time racked up on Star Wars Galaxies (creature handler ftw!) and World of Warcraft.

When I’m not gaming (or writing about games, or recording videos about games) I can be found coding, reading, or on a nice day, out on my motorbike.

Preferred Trinity Role: Tank
Reason: While the DPS tend to wait until it’s safe, I’m the guy who looks at the situation, deems it’s risky, then runs in headlong while screaming like a lunatic while taking the beating and laughing.  I may also be a sadomasochist, the jury is out on that one.

Preferred Platform: PC
Reason: Power and flexibility.  I have nothing against consoles, but the scope of games available on the PC is staggering.  Things like 4k gaming, space simulators (with throttle and stick setups) and RTS games are all things that just cannot be matched by consoles, and still hold pride of place on PC.

First Person Shooters
RTS and City Builders
Space Sims
MMORPG (and RPGs in general)
Action Combat (i.e. Devil May Cry)
Retro style platformers
Side Scrolling Beat-em-ups.

Any serious sports or sports management game.
Horror (yeah I’m a wuss).
Point and Click Adventures.
Micro transactions in non-free to play games.

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