Welcome to Boon Hill: A Graveyard Simulator

Welcome to Boon Hill is a graveyard simulator by indie developer Matthew Ritter and team 14 Hours Productions.. a story of epitaphs and the legacy that people leave behind when they die.

Boon Hill

Welcome to Boon Hill is a free roaming game with no win scenario.. just the experience of exploring the graveyard.  The player starts out with the aim of finding a specific gravestone, but there are many more gravestones and epitaphs to read, as well as a few NPCs to interact with as you learn about the history of the town and the people that lived there.

Boon Hill gameplay

It might not be a traditional game with a set goal, but it’s still an interesting idea.. it reminds me of Tale of Tales‘ art game Graveyard, and horror game The Path.. both of which use exploration, atmosphere and the player’s own interpretation to create a narrative for the game.

Welcome to Boon Hill is up on Kickstarter right now.. the initial goal has now been reached, so any additional funding will allow extra and improved features to be added to the game, including support for additional platforms.

A PC release is currently planned for August.

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