Warcraft III

After finding out that a friend had this game, I went and picked it up for just £6.71 at Amazon, a bargain!

I played the single player of this oh, quite some years back, but never got into the multiplayer side.  So after a playthrough of some of the single player campaigns, and some tower defense maps (try Run Kitty Run if you need a mood boost!) I thought I’d try taking on a friend.  In retrospect, this could have been seen as a bad idea, as I was seriously owned.. but a good idea, as you can only learn from your mistakes.

After a few more games, we decided to take on an AI enemy, at Insane difficulty level.  We managed it, thanks to a turtle strategy and a great defense mounted at what we nicknamed Fort Knox.  Not bad, especially considering there were two noobs in the team 😉

If you have the game and want to watch the replay, feel free – just don’t mind the odd random comment as we weren’t all on voice chat 🙂

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