War Machine Comes to Marvel Heroes 2015

The latest from Marvel Heroes 2015 includes a playable War Machine, Team-Up Carnage and an Updated Cable.. as well as The Danger Room, coming soon!

Marvel Heroes Logo

Gazillion proudly presents the FIFTIETH fully unique playable character for Marvel Heroes 2015: War Machine..

“War Machine is ferocious,” says Anthony Gallegos, Game Designer for Gazillion.  “He isn’t naturally imbued with powers, but as a soldier he’s trained to be adaptable.  You see this in him in Marvel Heroes 2015 in the way that he utilizes a much wider arsenal than many other heroes.  One look at his signature move is enough to make you glad he’s one of the good guys.”

War Machine

Though some might be quick to assume that War Machine and Iron Man play as essentially the same character, that simply is not the case.  “Iron Man is elegant, almost like a dancer in his combat, while War Machine really lives up to his name,” says Gallegos.  “There’s less grace in his moves, but they come across as powerful, with a greater sense of physicality to them.  Iron Man might shoot you with repulsors and his unibeam before you can shoot back, but War Machine will blast you with rockets, slice you with chainsaws, and then nuke you into next Thursday.”


During 2014’s AXIS event in the Marvel comics, the homicidal Carnage – perhaps Spider-Man’s deadliest enemy – showed signs of being a hero.  Now’s your chance to take that to the next level, as he fights beside you as a Team-Up character with a plethora of symbiotic weaponry and some killer voiceover work.


If you’ve played as Cable since launch, you know his breadth of abilities doesn’t extend quite as far as other, more recently released heroes.  That changes with his new character review, going out today, including several new moves and powers.  “He’s no longer just a guy with a gun, but instead has viable ways to play him that take advantage of his psionic abilities and his lesser-known use of a pscimitar,” says Gallegos.  Even better, you can now play in his new Marvel NOW! Costume that originated in the 2013 comic series, CABLE AND X-FORCE.

Cable and modern psimitar

Coming Soon – the Danger Room!

Professor X’s iconic training room comes to Marvel Heroes 2015! Engage in a number of challenges with random factors such as the enemies you fight and the very environment that surrounds you – it might just change right before your eyes.

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