Valve Developing “Steam Box”?

A rumour is circulating that Valve may be developing their own console!

This console would play PC games, use Steam and perhaps even competing services.. and would use The Big Picture, which offers easy-to-read and simple navigation designed for the TV, controlled by either a gamepad or mouse and keyboard.  Game developers wouldn’t have to pay for a license to develop for the platform, unlike for other consoles.

In an interview with Penny Arcade earlier this month, Gabe Newell made mention of Valve building their own hardware to make use of their own innovations.. which may include biometric measurements and augmented reality games.

Is there room for another box under the telly?  We have a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and a media PC already.  I think I could make room for something that brought interesting augmented reality games along.. games that react to how you are feeling, or allow players to see the state of other players in multiplayer, like in the special build of Left 4 Dead.  Though.. I think I’ll stop short of the skull implants 😉

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