Trying to Complete Games..

It’s a rather uphill struggle, if I’m honest.. even if we ignore the games that have no end, such as WoW, I seem to be acquiring games faster than I can finish them!  We picked up Borderlands 2 on pre-order, Tim bought us copies of Torchlight II, and Jay’s bought me Orcs Must Die! 2, along with add-ons Fire and Water and Family Ties! 😀

The confirmation of Dragon Age III: Inquisition reminded me that I haven’t finished either of the previous two in the series; I lost my save in DA:O thanks to a reformat a long while back, and because I hadn’t finished that, I didn’t start on Dragon Age II.

So, I’ve now restarted Dragon Age: Origins.. I’m on the Ultimate Edition this time round, too, as Tim picked that up for me last year!  I went with the Human Noble Rogue again, mainly because I wanted to start in the Castle.  I’d have gone with a Mage but they all start off in the Circle.. second playthrough ahoy!

I’m enjoying the game a lot more than last time.. mainly because having a party under my control doesn’t feel quite so alien, but also partly because I’m not being constantly distracted from the story by Steam chat.  I hadn’t realised that it was detracting from it, but now I’m paying attention to the story, I can really see the difference.

The ogre at the top of the Tower of Ishal was easy to handle this time round despite the knockback.. I remember him grabbing and crushing me a lot last time.

I managed to pick up Sten on my way through Lothering.  With a high Persuasion level, I was able to lie to the Revered Mother and say I’d return him to his people.. what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right? 😀

I’d forgotten about the Fade section of the game.. I didn’t even remember it when standing face to face with the demon Sloth!

What a pretty boy.. 😉

Only when I got in.. oh yes.. I remembered the shapeshifting, and finding Niall and my companions trapped in their own nightmares.  This section reminded me of Oblivion’s Shivering Isles, only with more off-class abilities available to play with.  I definitely want a Mage next time, so I can throw fireballs!

Since I have the Ultimate Edition, I also have a few quests and items unavailable last time.  I’ve managed to restrain myself from abusing the Feastday Gifts and Pranks this far.. I don’t want to mess up my approval ratings in the first playthrough.  I loved Return to Ostagar and Soldier’s Peak.. not sure if I should be running around with a companion wearing the dead King’s armour, but hey 😉

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