Trying out the PvP again!

A while back, we made the 3v3 Arena team “Norfolk n Chance”, and attempted to try out some PvP.  We weren’t very successful, with me getting wiped out not long after the fight starting each time.. too squishy!

We tried again tonight..

Putting on an organised front didn’t help us much, but it looked good 😉

We managed to get our first win when we arrived into one Arena for our opposition to randomly disappear.
This won us the Step Into The Arena achievement and the Call of Battle achievement for the guild.. I wouldn’t have been happy about this really, as we hadn’t earnt it, but then we were matched against the same opponents for our next Arena match, and won! 😀

After we’d completed our allowed 10 matches, we headed on to some Battlegrounds.. Strand of the Ancients, where I managed to get a good few kills in, and Arathi Basin, which seemed so much easier this time round.

This ended up being rather a late night.. just as well it’s the weekend!

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