Trapped! available now in the Apple App Store

Lemonade GameLabs Ltd. is proud to announce the iPad release of their debut game, Trapped!

Lemonade Labs - Trapped

Trapped! is “a racing strategy game where players are stranded aboard an alien vessel set with a limited oxygen supply, with only minutes to breakout before the self-destruct countdown reaches zero.  Players roll dice to reveal and place room tiles while collecting alien relics, in order to discover an exit and get out alive.”

The application is available for a limited time on the App Store as a ‘PAX Prime special’ price of $1.99 up to Sept. 10th, 2013.  It will be available for the PC and mobile phone devices (both iPhone and Android) by late September 2013.

Updates following the initial release include asteroid obstacles , extended airlocks, expansions with different environment themes, and ‘PvP’ mode that allows players to play as an aggressive alien, attempting to stop players from succeeding in reaching the exit room.

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