The War Z Now Out

Update: many of the features claimed for this game are not present yet, or are not as stated.

Hammerpoint Interactive’s The War Z, a survival MMO with zombies, is now available to purchase on Steam.

In War Z, players scavenge supplies and fight for survival against other players and hordes of the undead in a huge persistent world.  Players can switch between game worlds as they please, or even join private game servers.  There are no classes or levels; players gain experience points which can be spent on a variety of skills.

The War Z - Zombies

The War Z is free to play after the initial purchase, with all future updates such as vehicles, maps and player defined missions, to be added for free as they are released.  The game client is available to purchase alone for £9.89 with a 10% discount on Steam, or bundled with Gold Credits, an in-game currency which can be used for barter between players or to purchase weapons and consumables from in-game stores.  Update: these items are lost when your character dies.

The launch isn’t without controversy, however; gamers have accused Hammerpoint of fraud, complaining about incomplete and missing features, too few zombies, and staged screenshots.

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