The Shattering

After the destruction of the World as I knew it, a run around just to take in the sights was in order.  A friend turned up to show off his new trike..

Aren’t you just a li’l big for that trike? 🙂

Orgrimmar looks so different now.. and very much more ‘at war’.

It feels much more like a city with all the additional NPCs, and there are just so many more details laying around too.

After I’d looked around a little, I was taken to Azshara for a Joyride.. an awesome rocket trip around the area.  Gotta love Goblins! 🙂

Taking the rocket for the full tour gives an achievement called Joy Ride too.
Azhara is now much easier to get to.. previously I found it a complete pain and really only visited the second time to clear it for the Explorer title.

We also took a helicopter, the new flightpath, to Bilgewater Harbor for a look around.  This area is just full of cool Goblin things, including a cannon aimed straight at Stormwind!  I can see I’m going to have to explore this whole area properly with a new char..

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