The Secret World Drops Subscription Fee

Funcom’s modern-day MMO The Secret World has now dropped their monthly subscription, with full access to the game via the purchase of the game client.

The Secret World

Although players won’t need to pay a monthly fee, there is an optional new membership available, granting a few extra benefits such as experience boosters, bonus points, monthly gifts and discounts on the in-game store.

There have been four major updates to The Secret World since launch: Unleashed, Digging Deeper, The Cat God and Big Trouble in the Big Apple.  These updates have added new missions, dungeon modes, the first seasonal event with Halloween, new weapons and character customisation options.

New content is planned for the future, with the first DLC to start selling in January.  This DLC will be included for anyone who has a full game account registered before the end of December 2012.

RPS have posted an interview with Funcom’s Director of Communications, Erling Ellingsen talking about the reasons behind it, and what this means for the future.

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