The Last Tinker: City of Colors Preview

The Last Tinker: City of Colors is a bright and beautiful platformer from indie developer Mimimi Productions, coming in the second quarter of 2014 to PC (Windows and Linux) and Mac.

The Last Tinker

The preview of The Last Tinker: City of Colors introduces the story and main character Koru, a young boy with special powers, and covers the game’s tutorial: running, climbing and exploring the vibrantly coloured city.

I found the controls really responsive, and simple to learn.  Holding down the right trigger of the controller allowed me to automatically sprint, make jumps or climb, based on the terrain.

I really enjoyed exploring the various districts of the city, where I found a wealth of buildings and decorations and lots of animal characters.  These characters often had something to say too,  via cardboard cut-out speech bubbles.. sometimes referencing the player’s tasks or actions, and other times simply references to something else nearby.  Koru starts his adventure by heading off to take part in a race..

The Last Tinker City

The music changed as I moved between areas; never too distracting and changing often enough to not feel repetitive.  Overall it felt like a cheerful, full world with plenty to see and do.

Combat was fairly simple, with single and combo attacks available by repeatedly tapping the button.  These combat sequences weren’t challenging, but I imagine outside of the tutorial area the enemies may put up more of a fight.

The puzzles were also easy to complete but rather satisfying.  I was given a mushroom companion to help me prepare mushroom beds.. this meant moving levers to create a path for the companion to take, or shrinking him to allow him to pass under obstacles.  I quite liked the gormless smile too!

The Last Tinker Mushrooms

Koru does eventually make it to his race.. including a run along one of the game’s rails which lets him skate along automatically with a few obstacles to jump and avoid.

Racing on the Rail

The preview section ends with Koru meeting a spirit and learning of his abilities.  I’m looking forward to seeing the completed game when it’s launched in a few weeks, and continuing the adventure!

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