The Last of Us Details

The Last of Us is a third-person survival-horror adventure by Naughty Dog, set in a world where a fungus outbreak has decimated humanity.  Survivors live in quarantine zones, with anyone showing any signs of fungal infection immediately executed.  The game follows two characters, Joel and Ellie: player-character Joel is a weapons and drugs smuggler, and he rescues Ellie from camp as a favour to a dying friend.

New details about the game were published by Game Informer, who were given a short demo of the game by the developer.

Although there are infected humans in the world, the focus of the game is apparently human enemies.  Combat will be melee heavy, as ammo is limited, but guns will be more lethal.  The AI is able to react to the state of combat and the weapons you are using.. they take cover and try to flank you if you are using a gun, but rush you if they see you only have a melee weapon.  They also get angry when you kill one of their friends, and react with fear when they are losing.

While you don’t control Ellie, she takes part in combat and can warn you of dangers, and apparently gains in combat ability through the game.  The developers didn’t want to turn the game into an escort quest and so have tuned her AI so that she is able to keep up with the player without getting in the way.

The story has been designed to be self-contained, so no matter what happens with the IP, there will be no unresolved cliff-hangers here.  There will also be an online component to the game, but the details haven’t yet been decided on.

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