The Last of the Wandering Isle

I just had a few more quests to do in the Pandaren starting area: helping the Alliance survivors with a few quests.  An NPC in the Alliance camp had a plan for removing the wrecked ship from Shen-zin Su’s side.. blow the ship free with explosives, and then heal the wound.. I was amused at the NPC’s name here: Makael Bay 🙂

While the Horde refugees had been under attack from tigers in the forest, the Alliance camp was under attack from more aggressive attackers.  I found it surprisingly awkward to snag enemies as they ran past me.. the Mistweaver specialisation at this stage has no ranged attack.  This was a first for me; most of my playtime has been as a caster, and when I started levelling a Warrior I had a gun during the early levels.

Other quests had us gather lost supplies, and then there was the None Left Behind quest, which had me rescue Injured Sailors..

Either this is a clipping issue, or Blizz intended to play on the reputation sailors have for liking the ladies 😉

There was another group fight against Vordraka, the leader of the saurok attackers.. a quest had us assist Aysa in the fight, amongst the wreckage of the ship.

This was another fight open to any players nearby, rather than locked to the first person to tag the mob, so there were a few people fighting.. but with him facing Aysa for the duration, I still didn’t have any reason to use my healing spell.

With the ship blown out of Shen-zin Su’s side, that left a huge wound..

The Healing of Shen-zin Su had us find, rescue or relieve any healers in the area, and then protect them while they healed the wound.  I thought I might get some task related to my specialisation, but I was disappointed: there was still no healing to be done, even now.

The quest began with 2/12 healers present, and a large number of players.. more than enough that any attacker was killed immediately.  I went out in search of other healers rather than stand around in the pack, and at first tried to heal them and the friendly unit nearby to relieve them, but this didn’t seem to work.  Instead, I had to kill the enemy mobs to free them up.  I found many of the enemies were instantly replaced by another.. possibly because there were so many players in the area.. and I had only just freed the third healer when the quest finished.  Fortunately it was keeping track of the amount of healing done, so even though there weren’t twelve healers in place, the quest would still end after a time.

With that quest, and indeed all the starting area quests completed, I was sent back to the Temple of Five Dawns.. this is where all Pandaren choose their destiny: Alliance or Horde.  I chose Horde, and arrived outside Orgrimmar in a hot air balloon 🙂

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