The Indie Royale – The Spring Sun Bundle

This week’s Indie Royale bundle contains five fairly diverse games..

The games are: Nifflas’ Games’s Knytt Underground, a platforming puzzle game with over 1800 dimly lit rooms to explore; The Real Texas, an adventure by Kitty Lambda Games; Uber Entertainment‘s Monday Night Combat, a class-based action game with turrets; Astro Port’s side-scrolling shooter Satazius; and Gentrieve 2, a Metroid Prime-inspired FPS with procedurally generated worlds, puzzles and foes, by Phr00t.

Monday Night Combat

The bundle is pay what you want, with a current minimum price of £2.97.  Those who pay above the average (£5.30) will also receive the album for this bundle: Adventures in Pixels, by Ben Landis, with bundle bonuses of the OSTs for The Real Texas and Gentrieve 2!

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