The Indie Legends 2 Bundle

Bundle Stars is proud to announce the sequel to its line of bundles that showcase the best of Indie development.  The Indie Legends 2 Bundle brings together some of the most talked about, and unique Indie games available on Steam for £2.59, saving 96%.

Indie Legends 2

Games in the bundle are:

  • Contagion – a more realistic and different approach to the zombie genre
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious! – a hardcore restaurant sim
  • Stronghold Crusader HD – design and build your desert fortress in this sequel to the best-selling Stronghold
  • Farsky – take on the role of a lost submarine pilot and learn to survive in the depths of the Ocean
  • Nihilumbra – an atmospheric platforming adventure with smart puzzle design and an important message at its core
  • Anodyne – a Zelda-inspired adventure in a meticulously crafted world
  • Miasmata – find water and synthesise medicine to survive, while using an innovating cartography system to explore the land, but beware as a deadly monster stalks the island too..


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