The Humble Double Fine Bundle

The Humble Bundle have teamed up with Double Fine to bring you the The Humble Double Fine Bundle!

Humble Double Fine Bundle

four awesome games from Double Fine Productions and a whole heap of extra stuff!  Pay what you want and get the beloved and hilarious platformer Psychonauts; the matryoshka doll epic adventure Stacking; and the adorable adventure/RPG Costume Quest.  Paying over the average gets backers the heavy metal action/adventure/RTS rocker Brütal Legend, too!

Those who pay more than $35 will also become ‘Slacker Backers’ of Double Fine’s Kickstarter point and click Broken Age, and receive the finished game and bonus content that comes with it.  And those who pay $70 or more will get a limited edition Double Fine T-shirt!

As usual, buyers can split the money they give between Double Fine, the Humble Bundle, or the two charities supported: Child’s Play or the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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