The Explorer

During my alone time on WoW, I’ve been exploring the map, aiming for the ‘The Explorer’ title.
I now have a companion for this, so instead of just seeing the world, I can meet interesting new creatures.. and kill them!  Well, some of them.  Unless they get us first..

Last weekend, I went to see some dragons.. including Emeriss, who was just minding his own business, guarding a portal to the Emerald Dream when we came along.  My character is only the same size as one of his talons, so naturally I wanted to take him on!
However, he put us to sleep rather quickly with a nasty gas cloud, and killed us.

Following the Retaking the Echo Isles quest line, and Zalazane’s Fall (which I finally got round to posting about), three of us took a quick trip to a secret island.. and I got to ride in the sidecar 🙂

Getting to the island required water-walking and a speed buff.. watching the Fatigue appear and yet carrying on was a bit weird, but we were past the dark water before that ran out.  Yay, secret.. ok, not-so-secret island! 🙂

Remnants of the Forgotten

Last night’s exploration was back to normal running and flying around in Outland.  As I wandered through Terrokar Forest I saw something red moving around near the edge of the mountains, which turned out to be a massive spider!  After my recent encounters with spiders in Limbo, this one wasn’t going to be spared..

My oh-so-lovely friend told me he’d laugh if I died, but the spider was no trouble and I even ended up killing him too quickly.. I was still fiddling with screenshots!

Next up was a trip to Shadowmoon Valley.. as well as the exploration, there’s also a bunch of quests and some rep to earn here, so I can have a Netherwing Drake as a mount.

On the way there, we came across a lil doggy, who I was challenged to kill for 100 gold.  Ok, so the doggy isn’t small.. he also has two heads, and breathes fire.  I found the fire was hard to really escape from.. except for when he used an ability to send me running away then breathed fire!

He was fun to fight, but I also enjoyed taking a guildmate’s gold 😉

I wanted to take a nice screenshot of Uvuros after I took him out, but another spawned almost right on top of me before I was done.  My friend dealt with this one.. flames 😀

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