The (Abusive) Boyfriend Trainer

There’s a somewhat controversial app on iTunes at the moment: Boyfriend Trainer, by Games2win.

In the game, players zap and beat their man to “train” him, i.e., prevent such unwanted behaviours as watching sport, leaving his clothes on the floor, or eyeing up other women.  This last crime apparently warrants the girl spraying mace in his eyes!

Boyfriend Trainer

This ‘game’ came up in conversation with friends today, via a link to the Telegraph.  Their article points out that Apple banned a photography app recently, because of complaints about pornography.  The developers stated that artistic nude photographs were included but hidden behind a safe search, and that gratuitous pornography wasn’t allowed and would be removed, but that wasn’t good enough for Apple.

Clearly, a naked body is so much more offensive than the idea of spraying mace in a man’s eyes!

Is domestic violence funny when it happens to men?  I’m sure a game about beating women wouldn’t have passed Apple’s vetting procedure, let alone be made available to children aged FOUR and up.  I wonder what the violence in video games campaigners think of this?

Aside from that, it looks like another piece of shovelware aimed at the girls.  All the games I’ve seen that are specifically made for girls are weak offerings.. basic graphics and sound, little to no story, and no innovation.. they might as well be Facebook games, considering how poorly they stack up against mainstream games.

There are dress-up games, make-up and hair stylist games, wedding games.. and now Boyfriend Trainer, all about how to become a mean-spirited harridan bent on destroying every last bit of our man’s happiness, so he can become “the perfect boyfriend”.  After we’ve done that, I guess we go back to the wedding games?

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