Technics Pack – Industrial Craft

After selling the villagers plenty of wood and a few bricks, it seems I’m a bit more welcome: my status is now “Regular Visitor”.

The village is growing nicely too..

I had to check.. but the Town Hall has even had an upgrade, with the walls of the central part now being made from the smoother-looking cooked brick, rather than the mud bricks it began with.  The bricks take rather a long time to make, though, and I wanted to move on..

I decided to leave the villagers to do the rest, while I finally started on the Industrial Craft part of the Technics Pack!  I did have to resort to a tutorial from the Industrial Craft wiki though, as I just didn’t know where to start..

The first task is to find a Rubber Tree, and extract the rubber using a simple Treetap.
The tutorial said the trees were rare, but I found one without too much trouble.  After taking the rubber from the one Sticky Resin hole on it, I ripped the tree down, hoping for saplings.. and with the help of a little bonemeal, I soon had a Rubber Tree farm!

So now I can start on the long-winded stuff..

Gather resin, turn it into rubber, combine it with copper to create cables.. which are then combined with more and more stuff to create machines, such as an extractor which will increase the efficiency of rubber production.  However, the machines require electricity.. which means building a generator.  The generator requires rechargeable batteries (cable, tin, redstone), refined iron, and an iron furnace (more iron and a regular furnace)..

Hmm.  I’m building things to build other things, to do a job I was already doing, albeit slightly more efficiently.  Long term gains, I guess..
Fortunately, I found a lot of resources while looking for redstone, so it’s now just a matter of following instructions.

Out in the rest of the game world, I managed to tame and ride my first horse.. though I had to check the internet again to find out how to dismount X)

As well as horses, there’s a Unicorn and a Pegasus, which have lower spawn chances, and the Pack Horse, Nightmare (black unicorn) and Black Pegasus, which are only available through breeding.  Like the crazy friend who got me into this mess, I will probably attempt to collect them all.. collect ALL the ponies.. 😉

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  • Knightei says:

    Can I ask as a humble newcomer, which mods out of the technic pack do you use? I mean, there’s the core mods ofc, but what about the extras? I personally go for full install then turn off treecapitator (or however you bloody spell it) as when I cut down pine trees they drop normal saplings which is very annoying… So, Which mods do you use in it?

    • CoffeeScamp says:

      As far as I’m aware, they’re all installed.. I didn’t know you could pick and choose which bits to have on, even 🙂
      I do use the Treecapitator, but hadn’t noticed what you said about the saplings.. I got rubber tree saplings from the rubber trees, but on this particular world those were the only ones I’d tried to get.

  • Knightei says:

    I mean, it only happens if you cut down a tree that’s on vanilla MC, which aren’t normal trees. Also, do you use the older 1.7 version or the 1.8 one? I know I’m being like really inquisitive, but hey, its how you learn!

  • CoffeeScamp says:

    For the Technics pack, I’m on 1.7.3. I saw something about an update, but I’ve not had time to look this week so don’t know if it’d now work with a newer version of MC.
    No probs at all with the questions 🙂

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