teamPixel and Indiegogo to Save Homeworld?

During the news about THQ’s assets having been sold at auction yesterday, there was no word of the Homeworld franchise.

Rob Santos, lead developer at teamPixel, enquired about the series and whether it would appear at auction, but was told that Homeworld is part of a “legacy assets bucket” and not yet up for sale.  So for now, teamPixel are holding an Indiegogo campaign called Save Homeworld!

The aims here, dependent on funding, are to release Homeworld and Homeworld 2 to digital distribution platforms Steam and, to build Homefront Touch, a reimplemented version of the game for mobile phones and touch devices, and eventually, to develop the highly anticipated sequel, Homeworld 3!

Of course, other companies may be interested in the franchise, or other difficulties may arise: teamPixel have promised to refund any donations if they are unsuccessful in their bid.

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