As Tim has only a little time left on his trial, I thought we should him to see a dungeon.  As we were using lower level charactershis also meant having a go at tanking for a group!

I’d not touched my druid in ages, and the talents had all been reset by this point.  I had actually planned to delete her and start again with the hopes of learning it properly, but I had some brief instruction from friends beforehand.

Our first dungeon was Blackfathom Deeps, and though I found the low ceilings a bit of a pain, the run started off ok 🙂

We were doing well enough until the summoning chamber, anyway, and after killing Twilight Lord Kelris, we lit the candles.. all of them.  This brought us a few too many mobs, and we died.. Blackfathom Durps, maybe? 😉

Last night we went for another dungeon and got Gnomeregan, which pleased one friend at least!

I found this dungeon a bit more tricky in terms of where to go, but the tanking itself started to feel a bit easier 🙂

One confusing thing though.. we found a box of parachutes early on in the dungeon, but there was nowhere we could use them.  When we came here a long time ago, I remember jumping down to the boss (and dying), and we thought the parachutes would be for this.. but there is now an invisible wall to prevent that.  So I now have a parachute.. 🙂

We also got Guild Achievements for completing these dungeons.. we’re getting a good stack of these lately!

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