Wii U: Unboxing, Accounts and Chat!

Nintendo have published the first unboxing video for the Wii U, showing us everything that customers will get in the Wii U Premium Pack.


Nintendo’s Wii U Coming in November!

The Wii U will be available on November 30th in Europe, a week before the launch of the console in Japan, but two weeks after the US release.

There will be two bundles; the Basic Pack, a white console with 8GB of memory and the Premium Pack, a black console with 32GB of memory.  The Wii U Premium Pack will come with access to the Nintendo Network Premium scheme, and it will also be bundled with Nintendo Land, a collection of 12 mini-games.

The price for the packs is to be set by individual retailers in the UK, but prices for the bundles in the US have been listed as $299.99 for the Basic Pack and $349.99 for the Premium Pack.