Dead Space 3 Includes Microtransactions For Crafting

Dead Space 3 is to include microtransactions during weapon crafting: Eurogamer discovered mention of downloadable content during a hands-on session with the game, when a player tries to craft a weapon they don’t have enough resources for.

Dead Space 3 - Hostile Environment (more…)

Dead Space 3 Demo and N7 Armour

The Dead Space 3 Demo lands today for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3!  The demo features a single-player segment as well as the new co-op play, hostile environment and weapon crafting.

Dead Space 3 - N7 Armour (more…)

Dead Space 3 Demo Preview

I got my early access key for the Dead Space 3 demo on Tuesday, for the Xbox 360, and finally got around to taking a look last night.  As well as the usual single player missions, this demo includes a preview of the new Co-Op mode and the Weapon Crafting Arena.

The demo starts with Isaac Clarke leaving his crashed ship and wading through deep snow.. it’s a beautifully created world out here in the snow, such a harsh atmosphere and a whistling wind that made me feel cold just hearing it.  You’re prompted to hurry along and find shelter before you die of exposure.. so through the snow, past a few enemies with horrible, sprouting appendages, onto shaky, collapsing platforms..

Dead Space 3 - Hostile Environment (more…)