BundleCult – Summer Mayhem Bundle

BundleCult has launched their new game bundle pack, the Summer Mayhem Bundle, for Mac, Linux and PC. is not entirely honest and may be a complete scam.

CuveGames, makers of Quest Run, state on Twitter that they did not make any agreements to be involved in BundleCult’s latest offering, and not only that: they did not even have any communication with the team either.



Rumour: THQ in Trouble?

There have been a number of tweets going around today noting that THQ are apparently offering themselves up for sale, have cancelled work on all their 2014 line up (including the Warhammer 40k MMO, Dark Millennium Online) as well as having returned IP to Disney.

THQ’s share price has falled to $0.65, the lowest it’s been all year, with a total market value just under $50 million.

UFC: Undisputed 3, Darksiders II, Metro: Last Light, South Park: The Game and WWE Brawl are scheduled for 2012, with inSANE and Devil’s Third scheduled for 2013.

Diablo III on Consoles Too?

Diablo III is confirmed as being developed for consoles as well as the PC and Mac, according to this tweet from Blizzard’s Community Manager, Bashiok.

Although a console version has been mentioned in the past, it had not been confirmed until now.  Director Jay Wilson has previously said that if they were to build a console version, it would be from the ground up rather than a port.

“We don’t want to port it,” said Wilson, Diablo III’s director. “We want to build it for console. There’s a key difference. Certainly, a lot of things get brought over, but a port is trying to take a PC game and graft it onto a console.

“Our goal, is to make a game that feels like it’s natively made made for a console. If we make it, we want it to feel like a Blizzard game and that we built it for that platform from the ground up.”

From VG247, via Game Informer‘s magazine.

Update: Bashiok has now said that the earlier tweet wasn’t meant to be an announcement: “We’re still exploring a console version, but more importantly working on the PC/Mac version.”