Gamescom 2012 Round-Up!

Gamescom 2012 started off with Sony’s press conference, with a selection of games for the PlayStation Vita.. Little Big Planet Vita, Killzone: Mercenary, and other games previously mentioned at E3: Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified; PlayStation All-Stars; Assassin’s Creed III Liberation, featuring a new female lead, Aveline; and Need for Speed Most Wanted, a Vita game with all the same features as the PS3 version, with a huge open world to explore.

Media Molecule’s new game Tearaway was demonstrated for the first time, with a lot of use being made of the Vita’s touch features.


Castle Empire Online – Open Beta

Ubisoft and Blue Byte‘s browser-based strategy MMO Castle Empire Online (formerly known as The Settlers Online) is now in open beta in Europe, with registration available through either Facebook or Ubisoft’s UPlay system.  The game has been available to players in the US, Germany, France and Russia for some time, but is now available in the UK.

In Castle Empire Online, players gather resources, build and expand their city and raise an army.. you can group up with allies and join guilds, and trade.. or simply conquer all who stand in your path!