Path of Exile – First Look

While looking at some Diablo III postings, I saw rather a lot of spam comments trying to redirect fans over to Path of Exile.  Normally, I ignore spam and condemn the author, but there were a lot of comments, and I was curious.  A quick look around turned up a game that’s still in beta, but already has a bit of a following..

Path of Exile - Exiles


SimCity Social

During E3, I saw mention of a new, reinvented Sim City.. with city specialisation, intelligent Sims who will react to the city you’ve planned and built, and the option to work with friends and interact with their cities or create large projects together.  It’s due in 2013.. but I already know I want this game!

In the meantime, EA have released SimCity Social on Facebook.

SimCity Social places you in charge of your own city, which evolves as you interact with it.. placing buildings and roads and interacting with them either as a good or bad Mayor.  If friends are playing, you can visit their cities and interact with them too, building up a friendly relationship or rivalry.