Minion Master

Minion Master is a tactical board game, where players battle with armies of miniatures summoned and controlled via a customisable deck of cards.  It is currently available from the website and on Desura, with a campaign for Steam Greenlight running.

Minion Master - Minions Battle (more…)

Many More Orcs Must Die!

I loved Orcs Must Die!  I spent many hours gleefully squishing, stabbing, and burning orcs.. and trying to beat friends on the scoreboard, of course!  Good times, good times.. 😉

Orcs Must Die! 2 carries on where the first game left off.. though with a bunch of new traps and weapons, and a second playable character, the Sorceress.  And it’s still got that lovely art style..


Orcs Must Die! 2

Robot Entertainment have revealed Orcs Must Die! 2, which brings players together with their friends to continue the slaughter of the mindless orc mobs left over from Orcs Must Die!

The War Mage returns, and is largely unchanged, but now he’s joined by the Sorceress, who uses mind-control and magic..

The game is due for release in summer 2012!