Skyrim: Creation Kit and High Res Texture Pack Available Now

Bethesda have now released the Skyrim Creation Kit on Steam, and along with it, a free high-res texture pack!  The Creation Kit will be available when you next log into Steam, with the texture pack an optional extra.  A wiki for the Creation Kit can be found here.

You can also now browse the Steam Workshop.. and discover another little surprise: Fall of the Space Core, Vol. 1!

To celebrate the opening of the Steam Workshop for Skyrim, Valve and Bethesda have teamed up to bring you the Space Sphere mod, which’ll let the aggressively space-centric little robot tag along on your adventures in Tamriel!

The Skyrim Creation Kit Arrives Today!

The Skyrim Creation Kit is planned to arrive today according to Bethesda’s Pete Hines.  This will be a free download for PC users, via Steam.

The Creation Kit features the same set of tools used to create the game originally, and will include new features such as scene editors, dialogue tree tool, and a new scripting language called Papyrus.  For those new to modding, Bethesda are also releasing wiki documentation, written by the developers.

As the Kit has been integrated with the Steam Workshop, you can browse or search for existing mods, and comment and rate them, as well as upload your own.  You can even subscribe to mods too: the launcher will download and install the latest version of any subscribed mods when you launch the game.

Beta Update for Skyrim

The 1.4 update for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is currently still in development, but you can apply the beta version now, through Steam.

As this is a beta version of the update, Bethesda note that you apply the update at your own risk, and back up your save games, or at least avoid overwriting them.

Full instructions for applying the beta, and removing it again, are available on the Bethesda Blog, along with the patch notes.


Skyrim Creation Kit Coming

Bethesda have shared some details about the Creation Kit for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, along with the 1.4 update which aims to fix some of the most common issues players have encountered.

The Creation Kit will first be available as a beta on Steam, to allow players to opt into and back out of as they need.  The 1.4 update and Creation Kit are currently undergoing testing, with plans to release for the PC on Steam next week, along with submitting console versions for certification.

More information will be available soon.

Dragons and Giants

Skyrim, Skyrim, Skyrim.. I’ve played nothing but this all weekend!

I was going to take a break for some Minecraft, since the new version is out and I wanted to work on my project.. but the CraftBukkit server itself has yet to be upgraded from 1.8.  I really should have checked on this before updating my client.. but I didn’t.. and now I either wait for the update, or go and backdate Minecraft to 1.8 again.. yeah.

Laziness won out this time, and I went back into Skyrim..

I was rather chuffed when my power attack caused my character to climb on the dragon’s head!  For some reason, I get an error from Steam when I try to upload this screenshot.. or the one of me balancing on tiptoes on his head as he dies..

Yesterday’s explorations took me to a Dwemer dungeon.. I loved the look of this place, though to be honest I loved the previous Dwemer ruins and dungeons too 🙂

Various other explorations brought me face-to-face with some giants.  I say face-to-face.. face-to-crotch would be more appropriate!

The one I met on the road didn’t seem to have any interest in attacking me, whether by glitch or design.. but I got into a very tough fight with one later.  At this point I’m finding a nice variation in the strength of enemies, with the Giant being a decent threat, but wolves and bandits being easy meat 🙂

More Skyrim

After picking this up at the weekend, I’ve played almost nothing else.. though non-gaming things have arisen to keep me from playing as much as I’d have expected by now 😉

I’ve now tried out woodcutting and mining, and I’ve been learning the Smithing trade along with Alchemy.. nice ways to make money.  I also make money in less nice ways.. lockpicking, if I find something reasonably unattended.. and if I come across bandits, I make sure to take all their possessions too!

Looting dungeons actually feels far more dangerous than in the previous games, with traps and slightly smarter enemies.. in my first dungeon, I was scared by the Draugr who played dead till I got up close, and in another, I had a fierce battle with a Giant Frostbite Spider..

As planned, I have progressed to dual-wielding swords, although I still dabble in Destruction for a few enemies.. in the past I have concentrated on magic, only carrying an enchanted weapon just in case, so this makes a change.  I’m loving the power moves, and have my eye set on certain of the perks in the One Handed Weapons tree which will allow me to decapitate my enemies!

I even have a follower, named Golldir!

I met him in a tomb while taking cover from a dragon I just couldn’t defeat.  He had problems of his own: a Necromancer who was fiddling with his ancestors.  After I helped kill him, he joined me in my travels.. he now fights for me in battle, and of course, I make him carry the loot 😉

My only complaint so far has been about the menu system and inventory.. I like having an unobstructed view of the game world while playing, but to change weapon or equip a new piece of gear I’m forced to start clicking and scrolling.  All the lists start near the bottom of the screen as well, which virtually guarantees that hateful scrolling will be needed.

We have large monitors and high resolutions now.. why not just use more of the screen and let us see our inventory at a glance?  In the previous games, equipped items all moved to the front of the list, but in Skyrim they remain where they are.  As you can’t even see your character on this screen any more, any accidental unequipping can easily go unnoticed as you don’t get that quick visual clue that something’s wrong!

I guess you can’t have it all, though.. and the rest of the game is fantastic..

I didn’t like monster-levelling in Oblivion, as enemies levelled with the character.. after a while, the wildlife was all replaced by high-level creatures, so it didn’t even seem to fit in with the area any more.  I was also finding myself accosted by bandits wearing top-notch gear with expensive swords.. with that kind of gear and ability, they should have been wiping out the nearby village instead of trying to mug me for my cash!

As for the effect on the story.. I levelled up a way before entering my first Gate, so when I was sent in with a few companions, they were struck down immediately by the over-powered enemies inside, and again, it felt wrong.

In Skyrim, I’ve only really struggled with a few larger enemies, such as the Dragon, and the giant spider.. these felt like a decent challenge, while attacks by wild wolves started off difficult and are now easy, as I’d expect as I’m now a bit more of a seasoned warrior.  All 12 levels’ worth 😉


I was going to delay my purchase of this game, for financial reasons and in order to try and finish up a few other games first.

However, everyone has been talking about it.. and I found it harder and harder to avoid spoilers, even amongst friends who knew I was avoiding reading anything to do with the game.

I saw some trailers and other game info a long while back, and even then I only skim-read what I found, as I knew I wanted the game anyway.. based on my love for the previous games in the Elder Scrolls series, Oblivion and Morrowind, and before we even come to Bethesda‘s other offerings, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

Dragons!  I was glad of this one..

Once left to my own devices, I wandered off the road slightly and very soon found a campsite complete with bandits.  Surprisingly, I was able to take them on.. providing me with new armour, weapons, and the odd bits of loot in the camp too.  Further along, I discovered three Standing Stones.. and a fantastic view!  I had forgotten how beautiful the game was in the months since I first saw screenshots 🙂

I’m playing more with sword than magic this time, although to start with I’m taking advantage of dual-wielding to allow me to use a sword plus magical attacks.. later on I’ll probably ditch the magic and go for two differently-enchanted swords, saving magic for a second play-through 🙂


Instead of going to Multiplay’s messed up i43, we’ve gone for a smaller, friends-only LAN at home.. in our newly decorated lounge 😀

So far we’ve mostly played singleplayer games, with the guys nagging me to complete Crysis 2.. which I’ve now done, though I was shown up by Ali completing both Bulletstorm and Red Faction: Armageddon in two days!

The demo for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine made an appearance too..

Yay for lots of dead Orks!  I found the first level harder than the second, with many retries of the last room.. the big Orks were a bit painful.  The second level was much easier as the Jump Pack meant that for quite a way, all I needed to do was land on enemies to kill them 🙂

This game is now on the wanted list.. along with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Gears of War 3..

I’ve also tried out DC Universe Online, but I’m not going to rush to buy it.  Although what I played was quite fun, I think the appeal may run out after a while.. from what I’ve heard, there isn’t a lot to do at max level, and unless I had friends playing too, I can’t see that I’d want to run around doing the same thing too many times.  Maybe if the game turns up cheap..

We’ve also picked up the DLC for Borderlands, as it was cheap on Steam.. though we now have to get on with our game sometime!

Oblivion Kitteh

I’ve started another playthrough of Oblivion, this time as a Khajiit.

This is in part because I want to be a sneaky, sneaky thief.. I want to see the Grey Fox questline.. and in part because Khajiit, along with Argonians, were often slaves in the previous game, and I expect to come across some different dialogue if not outright hatred from some people.

The unlimited night-vision “Eye of Night” will probably see a lot of use while sneaking around stealing stuff.. in the meantime it just looks good to have something different!  I’m also a fan of Kitteh’s acrobatics, though I levelled this fairly quickly in the past due to my short-cuts across rough ground.

On my first playthrough I decided to go my own way rather than rush to find Martin.
This meant that when I got to the first Oblivion gate, I was far higher level than I should have been, and the NPCs were slaughtered rather than providing me with a nice little group to go into battle with.  This time round I’m pretty much aiming to do more of the main story before heading out to wreak havok 🙂

I’m only hoping to get this done before the release of Skyrim, in November, as I suspect there’ll be little time for other games once I have that 😉

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