Path of Exile – First Look

While looking at some Diablo III postings, I saw rather a lot of spam comments trying to redirect fans over to Path of Exile.  Normally, I ignore spam and condemn the author, but there were a lot of comments, and I was curious.  A quick look around turned up a game that’s still in beta, but already has a bit of a following..

Path of Exile - Exiles


Rediscovering Old Games: Diablo II

We were talking about old games during our lan week, and ended up heading for the spare room and the piles of older games stored in boxes up there.  There was excitement as we found copies of Rollercoaster Tycoon, Theme Hospital, Homeworld 2 and others.. and more mockery from the guys as it turned out I had a copy of Supreme Commander, after saying no, I didn’t know the game.  In my defense, it was in a multipack which I had picked up for Titan Quest and its Immortal Throne expansion, and the Company of Heroes Anthology.. 😉

I also found my copy of Diablo II, plus the Lord of Destruction expansion, which I had thought lost when we moved house!  After a bit of messing around.. updates, copying files to allow the game to run without the CD, registration to Battlenet.. I rolled a Sorceress and went out into the world..