Theramore’s Fall – Horde Side!

I finally got around to playing through Theramore’s Fall, the Horde version of the first of the new Scenarios for World of Warcraft.. and only just in time, really, as this was the last night where it would be available before the launch of Mists!

I would have liked to try the Alliance version, too, which takes place after the events of this Horde version.. but the highest Alliance character I have isn’t even 20 yet.  Once the new expansion goes live, the scenario will return for level 90 players, though that still means levelling an Alliance character all the way up!

The backstory for the scenario comes from the novel Tides of War: Theramore had been fortified and aided by Alliance commanders, and had subsequently come under attack by the Horde.. and though a spy had helped the attackers gain access to the city, they still lost the battle.  Garrosh had intended this, though, planning to catch the commanders all together with a highly-destructive mana bomb.

The first stage of the scenario had us rigging powder barrels on the Alliance ships.. and of course, killing the guards too 😉