Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess Launches Friday

Koei Tecmo Europe is pleased to announce the release of Deception IV: the Nightmare Princess on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, and digitally on the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and the PlayStation Vita handheld system this Friday, 17th July 2015.


Neverwinter Round-Up

Neverwinter was at PAX East on the previous weekend, and got an interview with Cryptic Studio’s CEO Jack Emmert, where they talked about the upcoming launch, the game’s design history, and plans for the future..


The Last of the Wandering Isle

I just had a few more quests to do in the Pandaren starting area: helping the Alliance survivors with a few quests.  An NPC in the Alliance camp had a plan for removing the wrecked ship from Shen-zin Su’s side.. blow the ship free with explosives, and then heal the wound.. I was amused at the NPC’s name here: Makael Bay 🙂

While the Horde refugees had been under attack from tigers in the forest, the Alliance camp was under attack from more aggressive attackers.  I found it surprisingly awkward to snag enemies as they ran past me.. the Mistweaver specialisation at this stage has no ranged attack.  This was a first for me; most of my playtime has been as a caster, and when I started levelling a Warrior I had a gun during the early levels.

Other quests had us gather lost supplies, and then there was the None Left Behind quest, which had me rescue Injured Sailors..


Nioki Adventure

Nioki Adventure is a co-operative 2D sandbox game planned for released on PC and Xbox 360, and the first game for French indie studio, Bidogames.

The website for the game has launched today: check it out here.


Age of Empires Online

I used to play a lot of Age of Empires with Tim, years and years ago, mostly co-op against the AI as neither of us wanted to kill each other.  My dad also played, though lacking the internet, we weren’t able to play together.

I tried multiplayer when I first got the internet, via some Microsoft service.. and was almost immediately yelled at by randoms who determined any new player to be unworthy of joining a game.  Eventually I found a game, only to realise there was some cheating going on when my opponents appeared with cars.  Yeah.. right.  Back to the AI, then 😉

Age of Empires Online is free to play, although there is “premium content” available, adding new civilizations as well as less useful decorative items.

Each player starts off with their own Capital City, to which buildings can be added to gain new technologies and units.  You can also pick up new quests here, the first of which are all about teaching the basics of killing enemies, gathering food and building units.. this all works the same as the original Age of Empires gameplay.

The “online” part of the game consists of co-operative questing and PvP.. you can team up with other players to complete quests, though it isn’t required.

I think that it’ll be fairly difficult for people to cheat, though I don’t know what advantages the premium content will give people.. I guess we’ll have to see whether multiplayer with randoms will be worth playing.


I finally got around to starting the Firelands quests which were added in the latest patch.

Thrall’s quest chain was rather interesting, with a different section for each element, finishing with Fire.
For once I was glad of the random Alliance players who were also doing the quests, as rather than being in competition with them for a target, they were actually helping.. their assistance on the larger mobs meant the meter for each section was filled more quickly.

The Firelands looks like a real warzone.. I love it 🙂

Later, taking inspiration from a friend’s collection of mounts, I decided to try for the Swift White Hawkstrider in Magister’s Terrace.  I was rather shocked to find it drop on my first proper try for it.. but hey, I’m not going to complain!

Midsummer Fire Festival

It’s the first time I’ve seen a holiday event in WoW, and I have to say it was much more of a big thing than I’d have expected.

The first I knew of it, we had been hit with a buff seemingly out of nowhere, and at first I was looking around for a random other player who might have done it.

So we began visiting bonfires – including the Alliance’s bonfires, which we of course chose to desecrate.  This resulted in us being flagged for PvP, and in one instance, being chased by some guys who were a lot higher level.  I managed to get away, but they killed poor Vorlak 😉

There are tokens to be won for completing various quests, some more involved, and some rather more ‘fun’ tasks, such as torch tossing and torch catching!  I found throwing the torches onto the required targets fairly easy to do, but throwing and catching a torch was much more difficult, especially with other people’s thrown torches in the air too.

The tokens can be redeemed for various goodies, the most expensive of which is a small pet, the Captured Flame.
The festival is running for another two weeks, so I’m hoping I can get enough tokens together for this..

In the meantime, we’re on a mission to collect another pet, the Mechanical Chicken!  We’ve rescued two OOX homing robots so far, and have one more to go!