The Last Tinker: City of Colors Preview

The Last Tinker: City of Colors is a bright and beautiful platformer from indie developer Mimimi Productions, coming in the second quarter of 2014 to PC (Windows and Linux) and Mac.

The Last Tinker


Unity Games to publish Rube Works

Unity Games has announced a publishing agreement with developer Electric Eggplant to publish Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game, for iOS and Android this November.

Rube Works Splash screen


Hairy Tales

Hairy Tales is a quirky action puzzle game by Arges Systems, released on Desura for Windows and Mac on 12th November, and on 25th October for iOS and Mac.


Preparing to Review: Hairy Tales

I was recently given a PC copy of Arges Systems’ Hairy Tales to review.  The game is out for PC, but also for iPhone, iPad and the Mac.  It’s also cheap.. only £2.99 on Desura, so go and get it 😉

Hairy Tales is a rather creative puzzle game featuring Lemming-like Hairys who need to be guided safely to the exit of each level.. dragging and turning tiles to allow them to collect mushrooms and avoid enemies.  The graphics and animations are rather fun too, especially the little Hairy.



Procrastination, you are no friend of mine.. I’ve been putting off a few posts due to holiday, illness, etc.. and the longer I put a post off, the less I feel like doing it!

I’ve actually completed a few console games.. RAGE, which has been lurking at 90% complete for a while, and then Enslaved.. which I finished rather quickly.. I adored this game and its DLC: Pigsy’s Perfect 10, and for the first time actually wished there was more DLC 😮


Hairy Tales Out Now

Hairy Tales, the debut puzzle game by Arges Systems, launched today on digital download service Desura for Windows and Mac.  The game is also available for iPhone and iPad through the App Store, and for OSX via the Mac Store.. and is also on Steam Greenlight.



I spotted Incredipede last night on RPS: an indie puzzle by Colin Northway featuring Quozzle, an incredipede on a journey to rescue her sisters.  Quozzle can grow new arms and legs as she goes, with muscle and leg positions determined at the start of the level.


A Virus Named TOM

A Virus Named TOM is an action puzzler by Misfits Attic, featuring the City of Tomorrow, filled with robot dogs and self-cleaning houses.. and a virus named TOM.

After using Dr X’s inventions to build the City of Tomorrow, MegaTech promptly fired him.  However, Dr X had also invented TOM, a little virus which he now sets loose to destroy his creations!  Spread the virus by rearranging circuits, but watch out for the anti-virus drones..

There are also two multiplayer modes, for up to four people: co-op, and competitive.

The game is due for release in March, but you can pre-order now, for $5.. this is 50% off the final price, and gets you access to the beta now, along with an opportunity to get your highscore on the final game’s baked-in leaderboard.

Also.. if you pre-order before Valentines, you can grab yourself an extra copy for a loved one!


I wanted to make a quick meantion of Yeaboing‘s Lucid.. the developer has temporarily made the game available on a pay what you want, if you want, scheme, for PC or Mac, over on their website.  Otherwise, it’s available on Steam.

Lucid is a match-all puzzle game, where you clear areas of coloured blocks by drawing a line through them with your mouse.  The painted blocks then disappear, with remaining blocks filling in the gaps and more dropping in from the top.

The game is really easy to pick up, and clearing large areas feels quite satisfying.. but there is a trick..

You can only clear an area if your line passes through every block in that area.  I thought I was being smart and setting myself up for a huge bonus, but instead trapped a large pile of blocks here!

Despite blocking myself in a bit, I was still able to clear other blocks, fill up the meter, and pass the level.

Lucid is a nice, casual game.. easy to play, lovely to look at, and rather relaxing.  The music is rather soothing too.. that’s also available to download in OGG format for the time being, on Yeaboing’s page here.

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