Animal Gods – PC

Animal Gods is a fully illustrated, top-down, 2D action RPG where players adopt the role of Thistle, a young priest and hunter from an ancient age who sets out to find and release the fallen Animal Gods and stop an occult leader.  We received a copy of the game from the developers, Still Games, for this review.

Animal Gods


A Weekend of TERA

I’ve spent most of the weekend playing TERA, in the last stages of the mmo’s closed beta stage.

TERA has been touted as a new breed of MMO, with enhanced combat and tactics, relying on timing and position, as well as aiming.  The game world is massive, with gorgeous graphics, and there are seven character races and eight classes to choose from.

TERA has been in the news for their races and clothing designs, though.. with the European version of the game having censored versions of some models.  I’ll come back to that..


Back to World of Warcraft

It had to happen eventually.. I’m back playing WoW!  I’ve also signed up for the Annual Pass, which will allow me to play with the beta for MoP as well as granting me a copy of Diablo III.  I suspect I won’t be playing a lot of WoW when I get my hands on Diablo III, but still.. I think it’s a good deal 🙂

I’m levelling a Troll Hunter alongside a friend’s Priest, at a somewhat relaxed pace.. enjoying the quests, especially when they involve explosions 😉


Vortex Pinnacle – Heroic

Some time ago, I had a horrible experience in Vortex Pinnacle which made me reconsider playing at all, if it meant ending up with random idiots who would sooner kick you than speak to you.

Tonight we went back for our second attempt at the dungeon on Heroic.. and we killed Ertan again, despite the extra mechanics brought in.  This meant I actually enjoyed the rest of the run, despite a few slip-ups here and there..

The wipe also allowed me to take a look around while riding the Slipstream.. it is a pretty nice looking place when you get to look 😉

I think I now have three more Heroic dungeons to get through for the set.. not including the Rise of the Zandalari dungeons, Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman, which are also on my hit list!

I am a little concerned about what I’ve heard about Disc Priests struggling here though, relating to the lack of ability for group healing.. I might therefore be forced to try Holy, which annoys me as I’d rather try it for myself, out of interest, than because of imbalanced numbers somewhere.

Obsidian Sanctum

Tonight’s raid of choice was Obsidian Sanctum.. this was a return visit as we’ve previously been unable to beat Sartharion..

We’re chasing achievements as well as mounts and other loot, so again we started by killing the trash but leaving the drakes alive.

As in previous attempts, we were wiped out when Tenebron joined in as he hit our Paladin way too hard.  In the end our Warrior went back into his tanking spec.. he was more able to take a beating to the face and we finally killed Sartharion and his friends off!

One of the prizes here was the Reins of the Black Drake, which was won by Vorlak to add another mount to his growing collection.

I won the Dragon Hide Bag, which means I have more room in my bags for random stuff 😉

After this success we headed back to Serpentshrine Cavern, to try and complete what we were unable to finish yesterday.
With an extra person in the team, the second phase of the fight with Lady Vashj was much easier.. we had less interference when passing the Tainted Cores between us and switched off Lady Vashj’s shield generators fairly quickly.  Killing her after that was no problem 🙂

I also grabbed the Helm of the Vanquished Defender, bringing my collection of Tier 5 Priest Gear to Helm, Gloves and Leggings..

Tarithel and Erilas

So I had my trial of WoW, and enjoyed it enough that I went ahead and got the game.  I managed to pick up the game plus expansions (Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King) for just under £30, and for the play-time I’ve had so far, I figure it’s worth it.

Thanks to the Recruit A Friend bonus, I’ve been levelling with a friend at a rather breakneck speed, as well as the now obligatory sight-seeing.  I’m loving the damage I can do as a fire mage – well, it’s hard to go wrong with fire, really!
We’ve ventured into a few dungeons, and so far the randoms we’ve met haven’t included too many idiots, though there always will be a few.

Here are Tarithel, destructive fire mage, and Erilas, awesome priest healer, posing just a little bit 😉

As for the few concerns I’ve had about becoming addicted – we’re still finding time to play other games, and go out and see friends, so it can’t be quite that bad 😀