Nintendo to sell Wii U at a Loss

Nintendo has confirmed that they will be selling the Wii U at a loss.. despite the planned launch prices and their expectation of selling 5.5 million consoles by the end of the financial year.

The Wii U launches in Europe on the 30th November, with retailer estimates given to MCV suggesting the Basic Pack will cost £250, with the Premium Pack at £290, and the ZombiU version to cost as much as £330.

Avoiding The Indie Face Kick

Another indie bundle is due to launch soon: the Indie Face Kick, which has been put together by the guys at Gaming: All The Time.  This bundle contains eight games: Booster Trooper, Dead Horde, Sol Survivor, Avencast, Runespell, Still Life 2, PAM and Greed Black Border.

I wouldn’t mind looking at the games.. but this bundle, or more specifically, the organisation of this bundle, feels far too unprofessional.. I’m unimpressed with the organisers’ attitude towards customers’ concerns and criticism.

Update: BacklogJourney has done a little more digging.. the organisers are, or were, more heavily involved with their Russian Steam Key advertiser than they were letting on, with this advertiser providing keys for their competitions, too. (more…)