Borderlands 2 – Bring Friends? Ok Then!

I really enjoyed Borderlands.. ignoring my initial confusion over weapons, at least.  Once we’d sorted out the questing.. I don’t tend to like running back and forth between points without knowing what’s going on.. it was good fun with friends too.

So for Borderlands 2, I’m playing with friends again, though it does mean slow progress as we have to all be available at the same time.  This should give me a chance to check the story out properly, and explore a bit.. but I’m playing through Dragon Age: Origins still.  Can’t have everything, tho 😉

As one friend nabbed Zer0, I chose Maya, the Siren.  I wasn’t sure about her special ability at first.. I liked and wanted the Phasewalking ability still.. but Phaselock has turned out to be more useful to the group and a little bit more fun as I can trap huge enemies in the air!  The Mechromancer will be available in another two weeks, and as we all pre-ordered, we’ll be able to try her out, or fight over her, fairly soon 🙂


Borderlands – Siren

I needed something more interesting than random web surfing during my lunch break, and decided on Borderlands.

Since it’s been a while since I played, I went with a new start, picking the Siren.  The early quests were easy.. no wonder, as I’ve seen them a few times now, but the gun choices are causing me a lot less stress this time round.. something’s sinking in at last! 😉

I also don’t think I really appreciated the style of the graphics this much last time..

I’m finding this a rather satisfying use of my lunch break.. even if it means I progress fairly slowly.  I levelled up enough to get Lilith’s special ability, the Phasewalk, which gives invisibility, increased running speed, and damages nearby enemies both going in and coming out of phase.

Using Phasewalk to finish off an enemy also netted me an achievement 😉

Heading towards Nine-Toes’ den, I heard some screeching and couldn’t quite make out where it was coming from at first.. then I looked up!  I’d forgotten about the Rakks!

After killing these off, and watching the loot rain from the sky, it was time to face Nine-Toes..

He managed to kill me off on my first attempt, but I was more careful the second time, dealing with the dogs while staying out of Nine-Toes’ line of sight.  I then had a smug moment when I finished him off by phasewalking and going up behind him for the killing blow!