We got our Wii U last week, but what I really wanted.. actually, what I’d wanted since I first heard of it.. was ZombiU, Ubisoft’s survival horror set in the middle of London!

Rather than jump in at the deep end with the hardcore Survival mode, I decided to try the normal game mode first, where the game provides you with a new survivor if you die.  Just as well, because my first survivor died almost immediately, dragged off that first ladder by the ravenous horde!  The poor guy didn’t stand a chance! (more…)

Our Wii U and Nintendo Land

Tim brought home our Wii U last night, and as he’d done the tedious hour-long update at work, it was just a matter of setting up our user accounts.. individual accounts linked to the new Nintendo Network this time.

I decided not to bother importing my old Mii yet.. the transfer from the Wii is easy enough but both consoles have to be connected to the internet to do it.. and besides, there was a new Mii Maker to play with!


Nintendo’s Wii U Coming in November!

The Wii U will be available on November 30th in Europe, a week before the launch of the console in Japan, but two weeks after the US release.

There will be two bundles; the Basic Pack, a white console with 8GB of memory and the Premium Pack, a black console with 32GB of memory.  The Wii U Premium Pack will come with access to the Nintendo Network Premium scheme, and it will also be bundled with Nintendo Land, a collection of 12 mini-games.

The price for the packs is to be set by individual retailers in the UK, but prices for the bundles in the US have been listed as $299.99 for the Basic Pack and $349.99 for the Premium Pack.