Revisiting Minecraft

With just a little surprise, I realise it’s about three years since I’ve played Minecraft.. back in 2012, on a friend’s Tekkit server.  Literally a lifetime ago, as the little guy has come along since then.  I also figured out that I first played it all the way back in 2010!  Two lifetimes!  Time to reinstall and have another look, I think 😉

So.. survival or creative?  I loved exploring huge, dark caverns with the threat of mobs appearing from nowhere.. but the lure of diamonds pulling me on.  I also loved building and decorating, though that really took off with the addition of VoxelSniper, when I was able to carve out huge caverns..

Inside the City


Minecraft 1.3.1

Minecraft has now been updated to 1.3.1, adding new features, new buildings, blocks and items, and as usual, fixing bugs.

New this time is Adventure Mode, where designers will be able to create adventures for others to explore.. rather like the AdventureCraft mod which players have used up till now.  Players won’t be able to destroy or place blocks, so will instead need to trade with villagers for goods, using Emeralds, or fight mobs for the gear they drop.  A new block is to be added for Adventure Mode designers; this block will run singleplayer commands and is only obtainable through the /give command. (more…)

In the News – 2nd March

Assassin’s Creed 3 will be set in North America during the second half of the 18th Century and the events of the American Revolution.  These details and others appeared in the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, and subsequently were posted to NeoGAF.


In the News – 1st March

The release date for Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite has been revealed: October 16th in the US, and on October 19th internationally, for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  The game will also support the PlayStation Move motion controller, with more details to follow later.. though Eurogamer spotted a “special” BioShock Infinite peripheral on Sony’s website back in November.

Mojang have released Minecraft 1.2 today, adding a slew of new features including new blocks and items, a new jungle biome and a map height limit of 256.  On the creature front, ocelots become cats when tamed, and tamed wolves can now have puppies! (more…)

The Bukkit Team Join Mojang!

The four main developers of Bukkit and CraftBukkit, the server-side mod for Minecraft, are now joining Mojang!

This means that we can expect improved mod support in future, not only for Minecraft, but also for those of us running servers!  The plan is to build a new server API, and then extend this to support client-side modding.

In the meantime, the team are working to make Bukkit compatible with Minecraft 1.2, to avoid a long gap while the official Minecraft server catches up.

You can read the Bukkit story over on their forum.


The Humble Bundle Mojam is Finished!

The Humble Bundle Mojam livestream event is now finished, with 80,000 copies of “Catacomb Snatch” sold and over $450k raised for charity!

Catacomb Snatch is a steampunk Egyptian themed RTS shoot ’em up game; the theme and genre were decided on by votes on the Mojang blog, ahead of the livestreaming event.

Two more games were being developed during the Mojam.. they are as-yet-untitled games by Oxeye Studio and Wolfire Games, who also livestreamed some progress over the weekend.  They’ve been added to the bundle too.. which you can still pick up!  It’s pay what you want, and all proceeds go to charity: Child’s Play, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, charity: water and the American Red Cross.

The Humble Bundle Mojam is Live!

Mojang have teamed up with to create a new game this weekend.. with a livestream of their progress available on the Humble Bundle site!

Fans have been voting on the genre and theme of the game during the week, with the most and least voted categories being combined; the Mojam game will be a RTS Shoot ’em Up, with a Steampunk, Ancient Egypt theme.

So far, over $16,000 has been donated by fans, with all proceeds going to charity: Child’s Play, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, charity: water and the American Red Cross.

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