VGA 10 Trailers and Info Round-Up!

This year’s Video Game Awards, shown last night, was also the 10th anniversary of the VGAs.  This year’s show was hosted by Samuel L. Jackson, and I have to just ask the question.. Why pick a host known for non-stop swearing, if you then have to censor half of what he says?  Anyways, I didn’t enjoy last year’s show at all.. so this time I’ve skipped through the show’s episodes on GameTrailers, looking for the interesting bits.. i.e., the trailers and news!

The first trailer was for Obsidian Entertainment‘s South Park: The Stick of Truth (from 4.54), and a rather interesting announcement trailer for The Phantom Pain, the debut game from Moby Dick Studios (from 10.45)!


PES 2010 Online Test

Following a few years in which players of the game have criticised the online mode, Konami have developed an online demo specifically to test this aspect of the game!
Data is gathered via the server, monitoring the games played, and from surveys filled out by those who had a chance to play the demo.  Like me 🙂

I’ve never been a huge football-game player.. I played PES in the office a few years back, but haven’t really had a lot of interest in the years between.
But this demo is a lot of fun – the first few games I played had no lag that I saw, and when it did appear, it was just a quick freeze, though I did hear some people saying they didn’t fare so well.  If this is anything to go by though, I think there’ll be more PES played in the office at lunchtimes.. that’s gotta be better than playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, no? 🙂

For members of PESFan, there’s an exclusive opportunity to get in on the online demo action here.