Back to WoW for the Iron Tide

I returned to WoW yesterday, just in time for Patch 6.0.2: The Iron Tide..

What an awesome cinematic!  I thought it set the scene for the invasion rather well.  Patch 6.0.2 adds the Iron Horde Incursion, through the Dark Portal..

Red Portal and Incursion


The Last of the Wandering Isle

I just had a few more quests to do in the Pandaren starting area: helping the Alliance survivors with a few quests.  An NPC in the Alliance camp had a plan for removing the wrecked ship from Shen-zin Su’s side.. blow the ship free with explosives, and then heal the wound.. I was amused at the NPC’s name here: Makael Bay 🙂

While the Horde refugees had been under attack from tigers in the forest, the Alliance camp was under attack from more aggressive attackers.  I found it surprisingly awkward to snag enemies as they ran past me.. the Mistweaver specialisation at this stage has no ranged attack.  This was a first for me; most of my playtime has been as a caster, and when I started levelling a Warrior I had a gun during the early levels.

Other quests had us gather lost supplies, and then there was the None Left Behind quest, which had me rescue Injured Sailors..


Mists After the Brazier

Over the weekend, I got caught up in a second bottleneck during the quest called The Challenger’s Fires.. as masses of players clustered around the Brazier of Flickering Flames, so thoroughly blocking it that nobody could click it and make progress.


Back to World of Warcraft

It had to happen eventually.. I’m back playing WoW!  I’ve also signed up for the Annual Pass, which will allow me to play with the beta for MoP as well as granting me a copy of Diablo III.  I suspect I won’t be playing a lot of WoW when I get my hands on Diablo III, but still.. I think it’s a good deal 🙂

I’m levelling a Troll Hunter alongside a friend’s Priest, at a somewhat relaxed pace.. enjoying the quests, especially when they involve explosions 😉


Revenge on Ertan

After last weekend’s horrible experience with randoms in Vortex Pinnacle, I was quite pleased to give the Grand Vizier Ertan another kicking tonight..

Having gone through this dungeon again, I feel that it’s a bit backwards.. the first trash packs and this boss seem so much harder, with more of the group taking damage at once.  As disc I’m not great at AoE healing, so I guess I’m always going to find this part of the dungeon the hardest.. however, I’m not going to let it stop me 😉


Not so Serious

This week has mainly been about exploration and messing around, with the exception of a rather painful first visit to the heroic version of Halls of Reflection.  We made it through, but I had to take lots of help from a friend’s off-spec to heal it, and I’m still not particularly happy about it. 🙁


The patch brought new talents, which I’m starting to get used to on Kirria, at least.  I like the Smite-Evangelism-Archangel thing.. letting me hit enemies, when there’s time of course, and getting mana back while having pretty lil wings is rather cool.
I stuck the halo on for added effect.  Had to be done! 🙂

I found a fun quest in Hammerfall while Trick or Treating.. Triage.  This is a First Aid quest, which was originally the only way you’d level up your skill.. rather than just buying the skill.

Injured soldiers appear on the six beds, and you have to bandage them in order of priority; Critically Injured, Badly Injured, and Injured.
This was definitely more fun than buying the skill could ever be.. I would rather more skills had to be earned in some way.

Some friends found a slight bug in Dalaran a few nights back.. After being dismounted in the no-fly zone, you get a parachute so you don’t fall to your death.  My friends found they were able to keep hold of the parachute once on the ground, at least for a little bit.

Very little use, but looks funny floating along the ground.

Something else that looked funny was the Trick played on me by the Innkeeper..  I was turned into Diablo!

I think I look rather more like a pet than anything here..

This disguise doesn’t last long.. just one minute.  We managed to get me on the back of the rocket before I was returned to normal. 🙂

I’ve been working towards full exploration of the world for a while now..  I cleared Kalimdor at the weekend, and finished off Eastern Kindoms with a friend this week!

I know I’m going to get mocked by another friend for this.. but I now have the Explorer title.  “Durrrp!”.

Coincidence maybe, but I managed to find my laces untied themselves six times during the workday after getting this title.


Raiding and stuff

Normally there are just two or three of us running around, but this week we’ve actually managed to get enough guildmates on to make up a group, so instead of grouping up with a few stray randoms, we’ve been with friends and having a bit more fun 🙂

We went to see The Tauren Chieftains perform in Blackrock Depths..

Back on our level 60 alts, we tried taking on Arazzius the Cruel as part of a quest.. but he minced our mage and priest 🙁

It feels like a rather large step down from my level 80 character.. I know I could take this guy all by myself even though I’m only specced to heal, but here with my fire mage? Not enough firepower..

Fortunately another friend was able to join us, and we took him down 🙂

We’ve also been seeing some old raids, which I’ve found to be ridiculously good fun.

I especially wanted to get through Zul’Gurub, as it’s going to be removed in Cataclysm.  We were unable to manage with just two of us – as a squishy little healer I couldn’t stand up to a mind-controlled Vorlak.  With our group, though, we managed to take him down 🙂

We also took on Zul’Aman, which was a little harder but only meant a greater sense of achievement when we took down the boss.

After this, and very late at night, we took on Molten Core.  Fire.. awesome stuff 🙂

The end boss here was rather more difficult, and I really didn’t think we’d manage him because he kept sending us flying.  Several tries later and we eventually killed him.. just in time to get away to bed to avoid sleeping on my keyboard.  I discovered that you can hearth while doing the sleep emote, which was rather amusing.

I managed to grab a screen the following night, after another very late session!  I’ll catch up on sleep eventually, right?