Wildstar Reloaded – Part 2: This time, It’s not lagging!

It’s safe to say that Wildstar has had a bit of a rough re-launch this week. Thankfully Carbine have been on the ball and have taken action to try to improve the situation for all players, with the addition of some extra hardware and more servers to spread the load, while they try to fix the back-end problems with their Megaserver technology.


I’ve used the time on the new PVE EU server, Jabbit-2, to have a proper run at the game now, as well as to poke around the in-game cash shop a bit more.


Not so Serious

This week has mainly been about exploration and messing around, with the exception of a rather painful first visit to the heroic version of Halls of Reflection.  We made it through, but I had to take lots of help from a friend’s off-spec to heal it, and I’m still not particularly happy about it. 🙁


The patch brought new talents, which I’m starting to get used to on Kirria, at least.  I like the Smite-Evangelism-Archangel thing.. letting me hit enemies, when there’s time of course, and getting mana back while having pretty lil wings is rather cool.
I stuck the halo on for added effect.  Had to be done! 🙂

I found a fun quest in Hammerfall while Trick or Treating.. Triage.  This is a First Aid quest, which was originally the only way you’d level up your skill.. rather than just buying the skill.

Injured soldiers appear on the six beds, and you have to bandage them in order of priority; Critically Injured, Badly Injured, and Injured.
This was definitely more fun than buying the skill could ever be.. I would rather more skills had to be earned in some way.

Some friends found a slight bug in Dalaran a few nights back.. After being dismounted in the no-fly zone, you get a parachute so you don’t fall to your death.  My friends found they were able to keep hold of the parachute once on the ground, at least for a little bit.

Very little use, but looks funny floating along the ground.

Something else that looked funny was the Trick played on me by the Innkeeper..  I was turned into Diablo!

I think I look rather more like a pet than anything here..

This disguise doesn’t last long.. just one minute.  We managed to get me on the back of the rocket before I was returned to normal. 🙂

I’ve been working towards full exploration of the world for a while now..  I cleared Kalimdor at the weekend, and finished off Eastern Kindoms with a friend this week!

I know I’m going to get mocked by another friend for this.. but I now have the Explorer title.  “Durrrp!”.

Coincidence maybe, but I managed to find my laces untied themselves six times during the workday after getting this title.


Tarithel and Erilas

So I had my trial of WoW, and enjoyed it enough that I went ahead and got the game.  I managed to pick up the game plus expansions (Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King) for just under £30, and for the play-time I’ve had so far, I figure it’s worth it.

Thanks to the Recruit A Friend bonus, I’ve been levelling with a friend at a rather breakneck speed, as well as the now obligatory sight-seeing.  I’m loving the damage I can do as a fire mage – well, it’s hard to go wrong with fire, really!
We’ve ventured into a few dungeons, and so far the randoms we’ve met haven’t included too many idiots, though there always will be a few.

Here are Tarithel, destructive fire mage, and Erilas, awesome priest healer, posing just a little bit 😉

As for the few concerns I’ve had about becoming addicted – we’re still finding time to play other games, and go out and see friends, so it can’t be quite that bad 😀