Reverse Crawl – PC

Reverse Crawl is a dungeon crawl where the player leads minions in tactical turn-based combat, through a dynamic campaign with a branching storyline.  We received a copy of the game from the developer, Nerdook, for this review.


Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders is a Tower Defense Action-RPG game by Trendy Entertainment.. delayed some months, but finally released yesterday.  There have been a few combination tower defense and action games lately, and like the others, there are two phases per round: the Build phase, where you place barriers and traps, then the Action phase, where the enemies come..

Our enemies here are goblins, orcs, dark elves and similar, and they head towards the Eternia Crystal in the centre of your castle, while you use your player character’s abilities to help fend them off, as well as repairing and upgrading your defenses as you go..

There are four classes of player characters to choose from: Apprentice, Huntress, Squire and Monk, each with their own abilities and defenses, and apparently more to come later.  The characters all level up and acquire loot through the game too, unlocking more defensive options and stronger abilities.

The game has a singleplayer mode, as well as co-op for up to four players, and a PvP mode.  We had a few problems getting into the game to start with.. being unable to connect to the servers or each other.. we managed to launch the game around an additional update coming out, but after validating the game files and restarting a few times, we were able to get into a co-op game together.

Starting off, you are placed in the host’s Tavern.. this has a number of other features I’ve not yet explored.  From here, you can choose whether you’re doing a Campaign or a Challenge, and choose the level and difficulty.

For our first co-op playthrough, I took the Apprentice, who specialises in elemental towers and magical attacks.  He starts off with a Magic Missile Tower.. but it wasn’t too long before I was also able to use Magic Barricades.  I’m looking forward to the Fireball and Lightening towers, but I’ll need to level up more first!

The enemies will go out of their way to attack your defenses, but you can repair them, and with enough mana, upgrade them too.

Killing enemies awards mana, and at the end of every level you can open chests around the map, which provide mana as well as various pieces of loot.. armour and weapons.  Loot comes with varying stats on it, and some pieces are class-specific, so as it dropped we shared it out accordingly.. my friends were playing as the Squire and the Monk.

After defeating all waves on the first level, we were able to move straight on to the next level, which had enemies coming from three sides.  We were doing well enough until the Kobolds arrived.. but they explode, and cause rather a lot of damage..

If you are killed, you have a short count-down to respawning.. but if the enemies have reached your crystal, that’s time you don’t want to spend laying on the floor 😉

The three of us were unable to beat the second level on this attempt, but as the characters have levelled up and gained some nice loot, I’m sure we’ll do better next time..


When Cataclysm was released, it added two new races, Goblins and Worgen, each with their own new starting area.

I was going to check these out much sooner, but since Christmas we’ve really not been playing WoW as we used to.. a lack of interest in dungeons thanks to too many randoms spoiling the instance, maybe a little bit of disappointment at the lack of things to do at 85 as well, without more friends to actually try out raids.

I finally got around to creating my Worgen character.. well, human and Worgen character, as you start off as a human.  She’s a warrior.. I’m going to attempt to learn to tank, if we play these for more than the initial levels anyway.

Leveling with Jaysoon instead of the usual suspect meant killing a lot of extra mobs..

Rampaging Worgen just off to the side of my route back to hand in?  Attack!  Maybe unnecessary for XP purposes, but this allowed more uses of fun quest items such as the Gilnean Mastiff, which just threw itself onto lurking enemies from whichever direction 🙂

As per the storyline we were eventually bitten, and a little later changed into our furry forms..

The female Worgen has a better walking animation than the male; being a little more hunched over, she looks more sneaky and animal-like.  I was rather amused by the ‘sniff’ emote, which has had the relevant sound added.  Worgen can also roar, unlike other races.

There were more amusing quests outside as the Forsaken arrived.. one in particular involved shoving gunpowder kegs on the heads of Abominations which were too stupid to do anything about it!  I would have liked more than four to blow up between us, though 😉

Shortly after this, the land starts to be flooded.. thanks Deathwing.. and we end up rescuing drowning people and trying to evacuate people such as a little old Grandma who turned out to be anything but feeble when a Forsaken tried to steal her cat..

Near the end of the area came the Battle for Gilneas City, which was great as we got to play with catapults, but less good when we managed to run into a glitch; a missing hand-in.  It seems that somebody else started the section just as we finished ours, resetting the location of the NPCs.  More catapult action, though, so it worked out fine 🙂

As our lovely area of the world was fast becoming an underwater area of the world, we had to go and seek refuge with the Night Elves, but not before jumping on the back of a Hippogryph and destroying a Horde ship.. after playing Horde side for so long, this felt a bit weird.

While completing missions for our new hosts, Jaysoon discovered that this huge whirlpool leads to a secret cave..with a hidden quest!

By completing the quest in here we got a secret achievement: Ghosts in the Dark.  I absolutely love the idea of little extras being hidden for those who explore 🙂

The Shattering

After the destruction of the World as I knew it, a run around just to take in the sights was in order.  A friend turned up to show off his new trike..

Aren’t you just a li’l big for that trike? 🙂

Orgrimmar looks so different now.. and very much more ‘at war’.

It feels much more like a city with all the additional NPCs, and there are just so many more details laying around too.

After I’d looked around a little, I was taken to Azshara for a Joyride.. an awesome rocket trip around the area.  Gotta love Goblins! 🙂

Taking the rocket for the full tour gives an achievement called Joy Ride too.
Azhara is now much easier to get to.. previously I found it a complete pain and really only visited the second time to clear it for the Explorer title.

We also took a helicopter, the new flightpath, to Bilgewater Harbor for a look around.  This area is just full of cool Goblin things, including a cannon aimed straight at Stormwind!  I can see I’m going to have to explore this whole area properly with a new char..