Steam Boxes

There have been a few Steam Box reveals this week: firstly, Xi3 announced a partnership with Valve to create a tiny modular PC codenamed Piston, which will make a first appearance at CES 2013.

xi3-piston (more…)

Gabe Newell Confirms A Next-Gen Valve Game Engine

A week ago, a group of fans visited Valve headquarters for Gabe Newell’s birthday to present him with a birthday card and a TF2 style crate; Gabe had to pay $2.50 for a key to unlock the crate, which contained a combat helmet like the TF2 Soldier’s.

The unboxing, and subsequent chat the fans was filmed, and uploaded to YouTube. (more…)

Confirmation of Half Life 3?

Develop Online have posted an article linking to a podcast from Seven Day Cooldown in which Gabe Newell talks about “a game that fans have been waiting for”.

Concept changes are being blamed for the delay to the project, and Valve prefer not to let people know too much about development which is still subject to change.. they believe it’s fairer to fans to say nothing than “drive people more crazy”.

Personally, I’m glad to just know it’s in development after all.. and I’m happy to wait for the awesome game I expect this to be 🙂

Valve Developing “Steam Box”?

A rumour is circulating that Valve may be developing their own console!

This console would play PC games, use Steam and perhaps even competing services.. and would use The Big Picture, which offers easy-to-read and simple navigation designed for the TV, controlled by either a gamepad or mouse and keyboard.  Game developers wouldn’t have to pay for a license to develop for the platform, unlike for other consoles.

In an interview with Penny Arcade earlier this month, Gabe Newell made mention of Valve building their own hardware to make use of their own innovations.. which may include biometric measurements and augmented reality games.

Is there room for another box under the telly?  We have a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and a media PC already.  I think I could make room for something that brought interesting augmented reality games along.. games that react to how you are feeling, or allow players to see the state of other players in multiplayer, like in the special build of Left 4 Dead.  Though.. I think I’ll stop short of the skull implants 😉

Gabe, Knives.. and a Half Life 3 Logo

This image of Gabe and his knives appeared on Reddit:

Valve have previously shut down rumours about a Half Life 3 release announcement via a secret message in the Portal 2 video at the VGAs, and said that the community is “trolling itself”, but they haven’t actually denied working on the game or the long-awaited Half Life 2: Episode 3.