Giant Spacekat’s Revolution 60 Funded

Yesterday, iOS indie studio Giant Spacekat launched the Kickstarter for Revolution 60, an intense, cinematic story that has been described as “Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect”, aiming to bring the iPad game to PC and Mac.  Just one day later, the $5000 funding target has been reached!

Revolution 60


Obsidian to try Kickstarter?

Double Fine have found success with Kickstarter: the company’s fans have come forward to support them in making the game they want to make, rather than the game they want adjusted by the demands of a publisher.  The donations so far have passed $1,600,000, and are still rising..

Obsidian, developer of Fallout: New Vegas have asked their fans what game they would like to see, if they were also to set up a project via Kickstarter.

The responses so far have been very supportive of the idea, and from the comments it appears fans would like to see an isometric RPG, with turn based combat and a good story.