Chariot – Royal Gadget Pack DLC Out Now

With the upcoming first anniversary of the release of its couch co-op platformer, Chariot, on Xbox One, independent developer FRIMA Studios celebrated with the release of Chariot’s debut DLC – the Royal Gadget Pack.

Chariot - The Royal Gadget Pack DLC


Mass Effect 3 DLC Appears Pre-Launch

The first Mass Effect 3 DLC pack appeared briefly on the Xbox Live Marketplace today, almost two weeks before the launch of the game.  The DLC is called From Ashes, and the description itself included some spoilers for the game: the DLC unearths some secrets from the past.. and adds a new character to  your squad: a Prothean.  Via VG247.


Darksiders II – Release Date Announced

THQ have announced that Vigil‘s action-adventure Darksiders II will be released for the PS3, 360 and PC on the 29th June 2012.

Exclusive pre-order bonuses have been announced too: the ‘Death Rides’ pack from GAME contains extra side-quests, the ‘Deadly Despair’ pack is available via Amazon and adds a speed boost for Death’s steed, Despair, and the  ‘Angel of Death’ pack will provide enhanced armour and weapons.. the shop this preorder will be available through has not yet been announced.