Demons Age – Backstory Revealed

Bigmoon Entertainment today shared the first details of the backstory for Demons Age, a classic-style turn-based roleplaying game with modern graphics and a deep, rich storyline.

Demons Age


A Game of Dwarves

Paradox Interactive have just announced that they are to publish A Game of Dwarves, a strategy game by Zeal Game Studios for PC and PS3.

A dwarven prince is on a quest to reclaim his people’s country, travelling across a continent and unearthing the buried mysteries of the Great War.

The gameplay consists of exploration, building and controlling various dwarven settlements in order to strengthen your clan.  Each level starts with a new, uniquely-generated world which you must explore and build your settlement in, with the building options allowing some freedom to design great-looking as well as practical homes for your dwarves.

The dwarves themselves level up as you progress, gaining new skills and becoming stronger warriors or master craftsmen.

As you dig deeper in search of the resources you’ll need to improve your buildings and equipment, you’ll also need to be prepared to defend your settlement from the enemies lurking in the depths..


Having a Dwarf-obsessed friend means that a game with a title like this one gets instant attention!  That’s not to say it didn’t deserve it though..

Dwarfs!? is an arcade/strategy game which puts you in the role of Overseer of a Dwarf colony, aiming to make as much gold as possible.  To actually get the gold, you have diggers, who head off randomly in search of loot, but rather like lemmings often end up getting themselves killed in water, lava, or being attacked by various enemies!  For defense, you have warriors, which can be trained up at outposts and fired out of a cannon towards bosses!

I downloaded the demo several weeks ago, but then failed to even launch it, with so many other games to play, and an attention span like that of a goldfish.  However, the game appeared on Steam for just £2, so it ended up in the collection anyway 😉

The tutorial is voiced by one of the Yoggscast guys.. I wasn’t too keen on the rather forced “Dwarf” voice he was putting on, though I’m sure his fans love it, and it is good to see a boost for an indie developer too!  The developer is Power of Two.. a two-man team, assistend and published by Tripwire Interactive 🙂

Dealing with water or lava caves requires a sacrifice in the form of one of your diggers blowing himself up to create a hole.  Fortunately, your base produces more diggers as time goes on, so you don’t run out.. and trapping either cave provides you a bonus.

Enemies are fought off by your warriors, with bosses confronted via the awesome Dwarf Cannon, which fires warriors!

Once out of the tutorial, there are a few game modes to try out.. in Arcade, you simply aim to gather as much gold as possible in a set time limit.  The dungeon is randomly generated, so you just have to hope the diggers hit a treasure cave  before a water or lava cave.. and by the end of a 15 minute game there are so many diggers wandering around it’s hard to keep track of them all!

Other game modes include Tower Defense gameplay, Rush Mode, with crazy spawning of diggers, Dark Mode, in which you can only see the tunnels your dwarfs have made.. no guiding them towards loot, then, as well as a series of Challenges.. and Leaderboards to compare with friends.. or if I were a Dwarf, to measure my beard against 😉