Neverwinter Shadowmantle launches December 5th

Shadowmantle, the second expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter, is due to launch on December 5th!  This free content update introduces the Hunter Ranger as a new character class, and an entirely new zone, the Dread Ring, an ashen field buried deep within the Neverwinter Woods.

Neverwinter - Hunter Ranger


Neverwinter Shadowmantle Announced

Perfect World Entertainment, Inc. and Cryptic Studios are pleased to announce Shadowmantle, the second free expansion Module to Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter!



Neverwinter – Gauntlgrym Trailer

Once the thriving capital of an ancient Dwarven civilisation, the lost city of Gauntlgrym is now a battleground for level 60 adventurers in Neverwinter!


Neverwinter Q&A

We were recently given the opportunity to present some questions to the Neverwinter team!  Grant Allen, Combat Designer, took some time out to answer them for us..

Neverwinter - Valindra and Dracolich


Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Enters Open Beta!

Perfect World Entertainment Inc. and Cryptic Studios are proud to announce that the most anticipated free MMORPG of 2013, Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter, is officially in Open Beta!  Check out the opening cinematic trailer..


Neverwinter Early Access

Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter is due to enter full Open Beta tomorrow, but Founders and press were given early access to the game to check things out.  From here on out, there will no character wipes, so while this phase is Open Beta, it’s more of a soft launch, and players will be able to start levelling all the way up to 60, and see the entire end game!



Neverwinter Reveals the Devils of Helm’s Hold with new Trailer and Screens

Deep within the stronghold of Helm’s Hold, devils and fiendish creatures call it home. How these creatures came about was a mystery for the longest time – until now.


Neverwinter, Firefall and Other News

Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter goes into Open Beta on the 30th April at 5pm.. but Neverwinter Founders will get early access: Heroes of the North starting on 25th April, and Guardians on 27th April!



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