Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 DLC Up For Grabs

BioWare are currently giving away all the DLC for Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2.. all you have to do to collect it is log in on their website and select your format.  This huge, free bundle of DLC even includes the Fan Reward Pack at the San Diego Comic Con in 2011!

Dragon Age III: Inquisition is currently in development, with no release date as yet though rumours suggest the game may be held back to 2014, for release on the next generation of consoles.

Trying to Complete Games..

It’s a rather uphill struggle, if I’m honest.. even if we ignore the games that have no end, such as WoW, I seem to be acquiring games faster than I can finish them!  We picked up Borderlands 2 on pre-order, Tim bought us copies of Torchlight II, and Jay’s bought me Orcs Must Die! 2, along with add-ons Fire and Water and Family Ties! 😀

The confirmation of Dragon Age III: Inquisition reminded me that I haven’t finished either of the previous two in the series; I lost my save in DA:O thanks to a reformat a long while back, and because I hadn’t finished that, I didn’t start on Dragon Age II.

So, I’ve now restarted Dragon Age: Origins.. I’m on the Ultimate Edition this time round, too, as Tim picked that up for me last year!  I went with the Human Noble Rogue again, mainly because I wanted to start in the Castle.  I’d have gone with a Mage but they all start off in the Circle.. second playthrough ahoy! (more…)

Are we being exploited by DLC?

Spurred on by the debate around the Mass Effect 3 DLC, I started writing some thoughts down.. but it quickly turned into a definite TL;DR with DLC, online passes, pre-order bonuses, retailer exclusives and the fight against used games.. as well as the all-too-common cry that customers are being exploited.

So.. I’ve split it all up, with this part mainly being about DLC, in-game purchases and other bonuses, and another part to come about the fight against used games.  I’ve mentioned a few games or companies in my examples here.. either because they were the first or best example to come to mind, or because I know that product better.  I’m sure I’ve missed some great examples, and although I’ve checked my facts, I may have something wrong or out of date in here.. so feel free to let me know in the comments 🙂

The first Mass Effect 3 DLC pack appeared briefly on the Xbox Live Marketplace last week, and stirred up quite a debate about exploitation.

One complaint against DLC is that it provides an incentive for developers to withhold part of the game to charge more for it later.. or even on the same day, in the case of Day 1 or unlocks of content from the game disk itself.  You can’t return DLC if you don’t enjoy it, nor can you sell it on as it’s usually tied to your game account.  Other complaints are about price (Modern Warfare 2’s ‘Stimulus Package’: £10 for 5 maps, two of which were re-releases), or the worth of the DLC (Oblivion’s Horse Armour), and then there’s the idea that it’s only being produced to milk consumers for every last penny. (more…)